Space Shipyard

Survival and space battles with ships created by you!

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What's it all About

Single Player

Play a Procedurally Generated Single Player campaign. Your task will be to travel between sectors of different races, playing different games modes, taking hard plot decisions and battling many bosses to complete the story arc.

You will progress through a story, obtaining ship parts and weapons to improve in size and capabilities while battling against many capital ships.


Play against friends or join a queue on a matchmaking system.

Use your custom created ship to fight your friends and many other players by joining a matchmaking system. Show your planning and leadership superiority by outsmarting your enemy using many skills and weapons at your disposal!

Dynamic Gameplay

There are many possibilities for every match, everybody will create their own ship and use their own loadout, multiple environments to fight in, each with their respective hazards!

Many weapons, skills and crew's races to select from! Each match will feel like a different one.

Ship Assembly

The Ship Assembly grants you the ability to customize the creation of your ship by allowing you to build a ship using different parts, setting weapons positions, handling what would be walls and what blastdoors, positioning your crew and selecting their race.

Additionally, you can customize graphical aspects of your ship such as weapon colors and hull colors.

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